The Event

A coconut tree was transported inside the center of a wormhole and met Sophia. When ER met EPR, Sophia and tree created a grass so microscopic that it would lull all clandestine behaviours into a slumber of reverberating sounds. The reverberating sounds which yearned for a freedom from expression. In this excavation, the sounds eclipsed the integration of a whippersnapper and zoe. It is here, that both of them speculated what is the past of the future, the future of the past which entails their movement.

The Conversation

the following is a snippet of the conversation between whippersnapper and zoe provoked by each other and simulated through the event. The characters then respond and engage through a sound piece developed in collaborations Anish Cherian, Padmanabhan, Vidur Sethi.

Provocations for Whippersnapper

1. How does whippersnapper move if it has to walk backwards to reach a position it no longer wants to be in?

2. How does whippersnapper mourn loss?

3. If the whippersnapper drove into a parking lot to find the only available spot is reserved for people with disability, what would it do?

Provocations for Zoe

1. Zoe, I have not been able to understand you at all. Sometimes I feel your spiritual architectures are so overwhelming that I can’t stop but think —what are your angular and abruptly abandoned attitudes. 

2. From gesture to cry to sound—would you prefer transitions or interpenetrations? When would you prefer what and why? 


3. Listen, I don’t understand the point of always looking for your suspended rhythms. How am I supposed to set in motion our manifested and sacred triggers all by myself? 


4. I have given you the truth, which at first appears not to exist. How long do you think I am supposed to travel in their alloyed dreams? 


5. How did this miscarriage of your memories take place? I have tried to convince you multiple times on the opaqueness of our toilet rooms... but you always listen to me in ways that overwhelm me. If I were you, I wouldn’t have oiled your imagination... so thank you for this. Let’s make preternatural carpets of wasps building nests inside the invisible?

6. Don’t you think there are many an art but who am I, who are you to be an artist. It’s midnight and I might not be merry but still lively. Going out to get groceries, do you want anything? 


7. I am free and being free is being alone. I’ve told you so many times to not paint me in what you feel is what I am. Who I am. What is my purpose. Where have I come from and where am I going. It is for me to decide and not you! But what is for you to decide is how much time you can stroke those plants and say it’s all gonna be alright. Why? Why is it gonna be alright?

8. Show me your finger and let’s boil this same water for 500 more days. It’s been 1000 days already.

9. Are you happy with yourself? Are you really happy now?

I am excited for you to respond. 

Love, whippersnapper

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